Carrom Pool For PC Windows (10/8/7) Download

Carrom Pool for PC is one of the most famous gaming application and getting very trend around the youngsters today. In our childhood itself, we know about the carom game. It is an indoor game that everyone likes to play. In previous days, to play this game we need a carrom board and coins. But now we can play this game without using the boards and coins. It means you can play this game by installing this Carrom Pool for PC application on your device like Mobile or PC. Due to technology development, many types of online gaming applications are created now and those applications are successfully played by the people. 
Carrom Pool For PC Download
Carrom Pool For PC Download
This type of gaming application is mainly created for entertainment purposes, you can play with your friends within a place online and also you can play with unknown people. In this post, we will see about the Carrom Pool application and how to download it on PC. Everyone likes to play this carrom game like children, youngsters even our senior citizens are also like to play this game. Someone told you that you don’t play video games otherwise you will get addicted to the games. But this type of game will improve your concentration power.


Carrom Pool Game Concept:

Carrom Pool for PC application was launched on 26th March 2019. Carrom Pool is one of the top sports games in Google Playstore. Only two players can play this game. Either you can play in the online or offline mood. You can play this game with your friends on online and you can chat with your friends while playing this game. You can log in to this app with Facebook for playing this game with Facebook friends. The carrom pool for PC application consists of three types of games. They play disk pool, play carrom, and play freestyle options are available. You can also get free rewards by playing this game. If you want to know, how to play this game means there is a tutorial option and click it. If you want to play in online you will pay the entry fee.
Carrom Pool For PC Download
Carrom Pool For PC Download
The starting price is four hundred coins. For playing this four hundred coins game you will pay two hundred coins as an entry fee and your opponent will pay the same coins that you paid. Otherwise, you can’t play online with your friends. Depending on the bet coins, the match contains pucks. You can spend diamonds to get stickers and pucks. This Carrom Pool is available for the various platforms like Carrom Pool for PC, Carrom Pool for MAC, Carrom Pool for IOS, Carrom Pool for Android, Carrom Pool for Blackberry, etc.


  • Profile option is available in Carrom Pool, do you want to set your profile photo? Avatar option is available here so you can click that and take a photo for your profile if you need it.
  • Every gaming application has an option that is shop. Here also the shop application is available for purchasing diamonds and coins. You can pay money through the Paytm app for getting coins.
  • Equipment option is there to get variety of stickers and different colors of pucks. In settings, Practice mode options there for practicing ourselves in the offline mood. The Leader board option is there.
  • In setting options, you can change the language and if you had not wanted the sound effects, you would have switched off it. Likewise, you do not want to chat messages, you can switch off.
  • This application includes the messaging facilities. You can chat with friends and sending smileys.


You must download the Bluestack Android Emulator to download this online Carrom Pool application. Bluestack is an android emulator application, which is used to run any android applications on PC. Before downloading Bluestack application in PC, your system must have 2GB RAM. Otherwise, you cannot install this bluestack. Let’s see how to download Bluestack and Carrom Pool for PC.
  1. First, you need to download the bluestack application on your PC by searching this bluestack emulator on its official website or google. 
Carrom Pool For PC
Carrom Pool For PC 
  • Otherwise, click the below link to download this bluestack application in PC.
  • After downloading this application, Open Bluestacks and search for Carrom Pool for PC. 
  • In the search list, you can download the carrom pool app on your PC. This is one method.
  • There is two possible way to install android apps on PC.
  • The second way you can download the Carrom Pool apk file first and Open it with Bluestack Emulator. 

  • Otherwise, click the below link to download the Carrom pool application on PC. 


You can open this Carrom pool for PC application after downloading the process and log in this application with Facebook for playing with your Facebook friends and chat messages while playing this game. You must pay the entry fee for playing while online. This game was very interesting to play. Only two members can play this carrom pool game at once. You can download this carrom disk pool app and start to play with your friends and have a lot of fun and share about this carrom game. I think this post is very useful to you, thank you for reading my post and stay tuned.

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