How to find out who unfriended you on Facebook in 2020

Checking your friends list to find out who unfriended you on Facebook can be a daunting task, because Facebook limits this option for various reasons. Unfriending happens when someone removes you from their friend list. Facebook does not notify you when a person unfriend you or you cannot know directly who unfriended you. You will know only when you see a low number in the friend list. However, there are some ways to see if you have been unfriended or blocked. In this post, we will show you some tricks to find who unfriended you on Facebook.

How to find out who unfriended you on Facebook
How to find out who unfriended you on Facebook 

By using Facebook messenger:

If you are using Facebook’s messenger app, you can search for a person in your inbox. If you see a person without profile picture and have the option to message, then they have been unfriend you. If you have been blocked by someone, you will lose the ability to begin a Facebook chat with that person.

Search them in your friend list:

  • If you have a suspicion on someone who can unfriended you for any reason, you can search by his name or number by using Facebook’s search bar and also you search in your friend list. If you can see the person in the list, the person is still a friend with you so you don’t worry about anything. If you don’t see the person on there, they may unfriend you on Facebook.
  • Alternatively, you can look for an old post or photo, and click on the comments, which will show everyone who has reacted to your post. If you click on that list, people who unfriended you (if they commented to that post) will be unchecked and will show you the ‘Add friend’ option instead of the ‘Message’ option.

By visiting the persons account:

  • This is another method to find the person who unfriended you on Facebook. In this method you have to enter the person’s account link in the link tab of Facebook. If you don’t know their account link, then you should know about username of the person. You may find the username of the person by visiting their various other social media profile like Twitter or Instagram as most people keep same username for all social media account. 
  • After entering the link, you can see the profile of the person. In that profile, if you will see an Include friend option, this indicates that the person has unfriended you. On the other hand, if it shows an error message or redirects you to the homepage of Facebook, that means that the person has blocked your account.

By using third party applications:

  • There are numerous third party applications available for both Mobile phones and computer, which you can find who unfriended you on Facebook. Let see about some of the popular such apps and how to use it.

1. Who Unfriended Me:

Who Unfriended Me is application for Android and iOS devices, which is a user friendly app and easy to install. Below are the steps to know who unfriended you on Facebook by using Who Unfriended Me app.
  • First, download the ‘Who Unfriended Me’ app from Play Store or App store and install it.
  • After installing the app, open it and sign in to the app and also login to your Facebook account.
  • When you sign in to the app, it will scan and save your current friends list.
  • After that, whenever you visit the app again, it compares your list of friends you saved previously with the new one and shows who unfriended you.
  • You can also see who blocked you and who have recently become friends with you on Facebook.

2. Who Deleted Me:

Who Deleted Me is also an iOS and Android application, which tell you when someone deletes you. This app will only reveal people who deleted you after you downloaded the app, which means it does not detect the previous record. You can also use this app as a chrome extension. After downloading the app from respective play store for Android or iOS or install the chrome extension on your browser, login to the Facebook account via the app. And then click on ‘Show me who’ to see people who have unfriended you on Facebook since you last logged in.

3. Unfriend Finder:

Unfriend finder is a browser extension, which gives you notification when someone unfriended you on Facebook and also tells you who s unfriended. Just follow the steps to install and use unfriend finder.
  • Open the browser and head over to the official website of Unfriend Finder. 
  • Go to the download page in that website and click on the download button to begin installation process.
  • Once installation gets complete, open your Facebook page. Now you can see three additional menu and icon which indicate that the Unfriend Finder is activated.
  • Remember that, Unfriend Finder will not detect previous unfriend record. It will start finding only new unfriend actions after it is activated.
  • Now, whenever a person unfriend you on Facebook, you will be notified through the notification menu.
  • Click on the notification to find who unfriend you and also you can see list in the Unfriend Finder page.

Final Words:

We have mentioned various ways to find who unfriended you on Facebook. Although, using third party apps seem easy to locate the individual who unfriended you, we recommend you to try to avoid using such apps because the app consumes unnecessary space in your device memory. In addition, there is a possibility to steal your personal data. So always give priority to the manual methods other than using third party apps.

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