How To Download Free Fire For PC Download

Garena free fire for PC is one of the best gaming application and it is a survival shooter game. In 2020, android phones and laptop are very necessary think for everyone in this society. Now a days, many type of applications are well developed especially, gaming applications that are developed in our day to day life. Not only the children, youngsters are also want to play games in android phones and pc. In that gaming application list we will see about the free fire application in this post. Free fire application is one of the best survival shooter game and free fire for PC is one of the famous game like PUBG, everyone would like to play this game for entertainment. Garena free fire is also known as free fire battlegrounds because it is a battle royale game. It has crossed 500 million downloads on Google play in 2020. This game consist of 50 players falling from a parachute n an island.
 Free Fire For PC
 Free Fire For PC
Free fire was created on 4 December 2017.  Free fire was created by the Singaporean company. Forest Li is the founder of the company garena in that the free fire application is called as Garena Free fire. It was the fourth most downloaded game worldwide in 2018. This free fire game is played by 50 players at the same time. Players are fly over the island using parachute, it is the first step start the game. 

Free Fire Game Play:

Each and every players started search a safe zone to stay for protecting them from the opponent player. And search the weapons to kill enemies. After opening this game, that ask you to create an account to play with your friends and then it ask your name. After completing a level there is a rewards for that and rewards are nothing but seven day travel pack and for day 2 leg pockets and day 3 weapon royal voucher etc. after getting more coins by playing this game. STORE option is there to buy a weapon or items whatever you want, more options are there for you.
That are character, fashion, collection, pet, parachute, travel bag, car etc. While playing this game, we don’t know where to go, so there is a map at the left corner of the phone. With this help you can move.


  • Free fire for PC is mainly created for your entertainment. 
  • Many options is there to play the game that are four side keys for changing your direction and two more buttons are there for running and jumping 
  • Numerous facilities are there to play the game, player would have weapons for protecting yourself from the opponent and parachutes are used to land player on island. 
  • There is surfboard also available for landing and backpack and loot box also available in a collection option. Character option is in that the application, it includes dress code, boots, sun glasses, persons and cap etc. PET is an option in this free fire game. If you want the pet you will buy by spending your coins. Pet is nothing but pet animals.
  • There is an invite friend option to play with your friends and you can send messages through mail and click the advertisement symbol to get free rewards by watching that video.
  • Other more options are discoveries, map, in-game, vehicle and weapon. While playing you can take a picture of the game and send it to your friends.
  • For each and every level completion you can get some rewards like weapons
  • All the game must have an option that is settings. Here the settings includes basic, sensitivity, controls, auto pickup, sound and others.


For downloading the garena free fire application first, you must install the bluestack android emulator in PC. Bluestack is one of the best android emulator that is used to download any android application in PC. Bluestack android emulator is like a play store in android phones. Your must have 2GB RAM to download the bluestack.
Download Free Fire for pc
Download Free Fire for pc 

  • First, you should download the bluestack from official website otherwise, click the below link to download this bluestack on PC.
  • After downloading this bluestack android emulator, you will search about the free fire application in it to download 
  • Another possible way to download this application is that searching a free fire application in official website and install this app and open it with bluestack.
  • Otherwise, click the below link to download this Garena free fire application in PC.
After the free fire app is downloaded, you should open the application and create an account to play with your facebook friends and give a nickname to your player and then click the start button to play. This Free fire for PC is very interesting because we can play and also chat with our friends, sending the game pictures while playing. And this free fire for PC have many options to play the game. I hope the above information is very useful to you. Download it now and start to play with your friends. Thank you for reading my post and stay tune.

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