How to Add Notes in Gmail (8 Easy Tips)

Many people wish to add notes to their emails for remembrance, future reference and more. When you add notes to your email, you can easily keep track of what you need to do for every email. Here, we will explain various methods to add notes in Gmail. By using the following methods, you can add notes to your email without interrupting the original mail and also added notes will available every time when you open that mail. Let’s see the procedure to add notes in Gmail.

How to Add Notes in Gmail
How to Add Notes in Gmail  
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Procedure to Add Notes in Gmail:

Step 1: 
  • By providing your email address and password you first log in to your Gmail account and then click the ‘Sign in’ button.
Step 2: 
  • In the home page of Gmail, you can see a gear icon in the upper right corner of your screen, which indicates the settings option. Just click on that icon and then select ‘Settings’ option.
Step 3: 
  • Under the settings tab, select the labels option. Within the labels tab, you will find the ‘Create New Label’ option. Simply click on that option to create a new label.
Step 4: 
  • Once you click on that button, you will see a new window open. Simply, type the name of your new label something which is easy to remember, for example type ‘Notes’ and then click on the ‘Create’ button.
Step 5: 
  • After creating the label, you should now create the filter. To create filters, go to the ‘Filters and Blocked Addresses’ tab which appears under the Settings option and then click on the ‘Create New Filter’ link.
Step 6: 
  • A new window will open, in that you can see different fields. Go to the ‘To’ field and type your Gmail address with ‘+Notes’ (your Gmail address followed by, for example, And then click on the ‘Create filter with this search’ button.
Step 7: 
  • Now, in the next window, checkmark the boxes ‘Start it’ and ‘Also apply filter to n matching conversations’. Here, ‘n’ indicates the number of emails which are matching the provided keyword. Then click on the ‘Create Filter’ button.
Step 8: 
  • Now, compose a mail to the newly email address ( to check if your note is actually working. After clicking the ‘Send’ button, you will notice that the mail you send is transferred to your inbox, indicating that your notes are working perfectly.

Add Notes in Gmail by using third party tools:

Other than above mentioned method, also you can easily add notes in Gmail by using third party tools. These tools are useful to you if you want to mention some important points, summarize long email conversations, outline ideas for follow up and more. Let see briefly about such tools.

1. Simple Gmail Notes:

Simple Gmail Notes is the best option to add notes to Gmail emails. It is a kind of extension which is available in chrome as well as Firebox. Once you install the chrome extension or Firebox add-on of Simple Gmail Notes on your browser, it will automatically integrate with your Gmail account and allows you to add notes to your emails. You can specify as many notes as you want on single pads. This tool also helps you to create events on Google Calendar, change the color of the notepad, change the position notepad, change the text font size, color, etc.

2. Gmail Notes Sidebar:

Gmail Notes Sidebar is a free Firebox add-on, which is used to add notes to Gmail emails. This add-on gives you the ability to easily add private notes to each email. This tool comes with a rich text editor, you can use it to add links, change text format, create bulleted lists or numbered lists, add timestamp and more. Once you install this add-on on your firefox browser, it will ask you to connect your Google account to integrate with your Gmail. 

To add a new note, open any email and then press Ctrl + Alt + G, which is the default shortcut to activate the add-on. Once you do that, a side bar will appear on the left side of the window. In the sidebar, you can see the ‘notes’ tab where you can add notes to the opened email.

3. GumNotes:

GumNotes also allows you to add notes to Gmail emails. But it does not integrate with your Gmail instead it will create a new webpage to notes. After you install the GumNotes extension on your browser, open it and click on the ‘edit’ menu and then choose ‘New Note’. It will open a notepad which gives you the ability to add Notes to Gmail. To attach this note with an email, click on the ‘No Gum’ at the bottom of the notepad.

Once you do that, it will open another page with an input field where you need to enter any keywords that appear in the header of the email. After that, whenever you open an email, the relevant note will automatically appear on your computer and you can start adding more notes to the same pad.

Final Words:

So, now you know how to add notes in Gmail emails. Adding notes in emails is a very useful way to easily handle all mails in your inbox without any confusion. By using the above mentioned methods, add notes to each and every mail you receive and save your valuable time.

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