12 Best Google Secret Games on (Chrome/Android)

Google has not restricted itself into just creating web services, smart home devices and developing assistants, it also give equal important to fun and entertainment. If you get tired or bored and you want to distract your mind while constantly working, you can playLet’s take a look at some of the best Google secret games which you can play without any installation.
Best 12 Google Secret Games
Best 12 Google Secret Games 

12 Best Google Secret Games List :

1. Dino Run or T Rex Dash.
2. Tic Tac Toe.
3. Pac Man.
4. Atari Breakout.
5. Zerg Rush.
6. Solitaire.
7. Garden Gnomes.
8. Great Ghoul Duel.
9. Google Gravity.
10. Smarty Pins.
11. Snake game.
12. Google Clouds.

1.Dino Run or T Rex Dash:

This is a game played on chrome browser. You can play this game on chrome browser when there is no internet connectivity available. To play this game, try to open any website in chrome and you will get the No internet error with an image of dinosaur. Press the space bar on your computer to start playing the T Rex dash. Dinosaur will continue to run and you should jump using space bar to avoid obstacles. If you are using android mobile, simply touch the dinosaur to start playing and jumping.Then you can use Dino Run or T Rex Dash.

Dino Run For PC
Dino Run For PC

2.Tic Tac Toe:

It is a classic game which we all are played in childhood. Simply search for the game Tic Tac Toe in the Google Search. It will show you the board in the search result. This game involved two players. Here you have to play with the computer. Both players alternatively placed their respective symbols (X or O) on the 3×3 board in order to get their symbol in a row or column. It also allows you to play this game against your friend. There is also an option to choose the difficulty level.

3. Pac Man:

On May 21, 2010, Pac Man game appeared as a Google doodle which was made to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the incredibly popular arcade game. You can play this game by typing ‘Pac Man Google Doodlein the Search bar.  Click the Pac Man Google Doodle from the search result to play the game. You have to move the Pac Man so it can eat the dots, just like in the famous arcade game.

4. Atari Breakout

It is a 1972 arcade game developed by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. Now it is playable in Google images. You can play this game by searching for ‘Atari Breakout’ on Google Search and then the screen will turn into a game of breakout. Players have to control a paddle which bounces a ball into the bricks which are arranged at the top of the screen. The goal is to roll the ball back and forth between the paddle and the bricks until all the bricks are knocked down. You can control the paddle with arrow keys or using your mouse.

5. Zerg Rush:

Zerg Rush is a term used to mean swarm attack from the video game Starcraft. For those who have never played Starcraft, the Zerg are a race of insects like aliens. Search this game on Google search and break the falling balls as they destroy your search results. Several balls will start dropping from all the corners. You have to ensure that the balls do not touch the search results by clicking on the balls.

6. Solitaire:

Many of you will have played this game on the computer. Solitaire is a classic card matcher which is now available to play directly through Google Search. To play this game, simply, type ‘solitaire’ in the Google Search and press enter. This is the same as the old game you will always remember about stacking cards in descending order and alternate colors.

7. Garden Gnomes:

Garden Gnomes is another Google Doodle game, which was released on 10th June 2018 to celebrate Garden day in Germany. This game looks and works very much the same as the Angry Birds games. You need to catapult the Gnomes as long as possible. Search for this game on Google play and start playing this most addictive game because this game has no ending. Garden Gnomes is a very simple game because it only requires a spacebar to play the entire game.

8. Great Ghoul Duel:

This is also a Google Doodle game to celebrate Halloween. Great Ghoul Duel is released as Google Doodle on October 30, 2018 to celebrate Halloween. You can find and play this game on Google Search. There are two types of hosts available in this game, one is ‘greens’ and the other one is ‘pinks’. To win this game, both types of host have to collect more flames and take it back to their base.

9. Google Gravity:

Google Gravity is one of the secret games of Google which will make you wonder how this fallout screen is set again. It can be seen as a mediating effect to see things fall apart, and it can be cringe too. Simply, type Google gravity on search and select the first result and then click on ‘I am feeling lucky button’ to watch the fallen screen. You can try to set it again in the bottom of the screen carefully without clicking on the options to enter the new page.

10. Smarty Pins:

This game is based on Google maps to test your knowledge of geography. This game asks questions about places around the world. Just type Smarty pins on Google search engine and start playing this game. it will provide random questions depending upon the locations and you have to put the location pin to the right answer.

11. Snake game:

We cannot forget this game easily, snake is the classic game of Nokia era and it is best childhood memory for all of us. It is now available to play in Google search which gives you the same spirit and enthusiasm. Simply, type snake on Google search and start the game. You have to feed the different food to the snake and for each food there will be a different score and reaction. To control or move the snake, you have to use arrow keys.Then you can use Snake game download 

12. Google Clouds:

This game is played on Android devices when your phone is in Airplane mode. To play this game, turn on your phone into Airplane mode and search anything on Google search. You will now see the search results with a circular icon with a cloud man happily waiting for you. Tap it to start the game. it is designed to entertain people when they travel without an active internet connection. Then you can use Google Clouds Games

Google Clouds Games
Google Clouds Games 

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