Homescapes Mod APK FREE Download [Unlimited Stars]

Homescapes Mod apk is free to play and combines the puzzle solving and garden building game. We all like to play games in mobile phones or video games. Lots of mobile games and video games are developed and released day by day with advanced features. Recently, the game PUBG is getting very popular among the youngsters. Some people like to play action & adventure game, some people like to play puzzles, gardening or mind games. So, in this post we will see the combination of puzzle and garden building game called Homescapes Mod Apk. Homescapes is similar to the game called gardenscapes.
Homescapes Mod APK FREE Download
Homescapes Mod APK FREE Download 
In this game, you will play in the name of Austin who is going to redesign his Parent’s house in a modern way. This amazing game is available in IOS, Android and Amazon appstore also. The story of this game is quit big, you can get it once you enter into the game. This game is available in Google Playstore but some want to download it in Mod Apk. In this post, we will see how to download the Homescapes Mod Apk on your device and also the amazing features of this game. 

Why Mod Apk:

Mod Apk means “Modded or Modified” Apk. Generally, we all download the android apps from Google Playstore, Right? But we can’t get the advanced features like unlimited stars, unlimited coins and unlock features from Playstore app. So, those applications are modified and available in internet. If you want to unlock some game features or want to play without paying any money, then you could download Mod Apk games.

About Homescapes Mod Apk:

In Homescapes, we start the game with the name Austin. Austin remembers his childhood memories and goes back to his parent’s home after living in many houses. That time, his parents were planned to sell their home. But Austin is against all these things and don’t want to sell his home. So, he tries to repair the house and also try to replace all the things in house like furniture, garden, rooms etc. So, there are two main sections in this game. First section is home redesign and Austin and player need to achieve the goal. In second section, player needs to find the solutions for puzzles.
Homescapes Mod APK FREE Download
Homescapes Mod APK FREE Download
If you started the game and successfully completed one level, you can earn number of coins and stars and you will move to next level easily. Match -3 puzzles is currently available in Homescapes Mod Apk which means if Austin is in rest, you can play yourself and renovating the house. And you can use the stars and coins to buy furniture and other household products to renovating. Okay, now you may get the full explanation about Homescapes. Let’s we see some features and installation procedure to download Homescapes Mod Apk.

How to download Homescapes Mod Apk:

Homescapes game is available in Google Playstore also. You can easily download it from there. But some people want to access some advanced features called unlimited stars, coins and unlock features in this game. In that stage, we can go with Homescapes Mod Apk.
  • First, Open Google Playstore on your mobile phone.
  • In search bar, Search for "Homescapes Mod Apk game"
  • It will display in the top list, click it and allow it to install
  • Now, the installation process is started
  • Enable “Unknown Sources” option on your device.
  • After installation of Homescapes, open it on your device and check it.
  • Otherwise, click the below link to download and install it quickly.

Features of Homescapes Mod Apk:

Unique Gameplay: 
  • In Homescapes game, the player can help out Austin to renovating his house by just swapping and matching pieces.
Cool Interior: 
  • Homescapes game allows user to design the house interior design. You can decide how to decorate your interior without anyone help. So, your creativity is the key role in this section.
Match 3 Levels: 
  • Using, match 3 levels, you can play with full of fun and get lots of boosters to enhance your gaming and also get the powerful explosive combination moves.
  • Boosters in this game really help you if you are having difficulties while move to next level. You can use the boosters before you start the level. 
Cute Pets: 
  • In this Homescapes game, you have a chance to meet cute pets like cats and dogs. They will help you out while renovating and be friendly with you.
Coins & Power Ups:
  • Coins used in Homescapes game are stars. It will help you while purchasing furniture for replacement. Power Ups are help you to get more pieces and give a chance to win.


Homescapes Mod Apk is one of popular game for the people who like puzzles and who like renovating. Though the levels are extremely difficult to complete, it may be exciting for the people who like challenges. You can easily download and free to play it on your device. I hope this post about Homescapes Mod Apk is useful for you. So, try to download and play it on your device and hare it with your friends. Thank you and Stay connected!

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