How to Install APK files on Android

Today, we all are using Android phones, Right? Without android applications we can’t do anything like chatting, streaming, sharing or anything else. So, we format of that android application is in .apk. So, APK is a type of file format that installs applications on android device or any other device. In this post, we will see some useful information about how to install apk files on android and how to download the apps which are not available in Google Playstore. 
How To Install Apk Files for android
How To Install Apk Files for android
When it comes to downloading apps on your smartphone, Google Playstore is the only option that will comes first in our mind. But sometimes, we need to use some apps which are out from Google Playstore. You may heard about the alternate source to download apk files, but here in this we will see exact working process to download and install the apps from outside the Playstore.

What is APK file?

An APK is the short form of Android Package Kit; it is a type of file which installs applications on android device. In a technical word, a file with APK file extension is an android package files which is used to run applications on Google’s android operating system. Mostly, we download and install apk files from Google Playstore but we can also download apk files from other websites directly.

Why Use an APK on Android?

You may have one doubt that why we need APK file on android devices, what are all the usages? Some situation may arise like
  1. When users need to download an application which is not available for their country or location
  2. Sometimes, your installed android app is not get updated frequently, on that time, you can install APK files from websites directly
  3. Sometimes, your Google Playstore may not work properly on your android device.
  4. You may like the third party apps which are not available in Google Playstore.
  5. Sometimes, installed android app may not work properly.

How to Download & Install APK files on Android device:

Before going to the download process, we need to change some settings in android device. Then only we can download and install any apk files easily in our device. Let’s see the process below

Device Setup:

  • First, go to “Settings” in your Android device.
  • Then Click “Security” option in Settings.
  • Now, you will see the option called “Unknown Sources” in that list.
  • You need to select that “Unknown Sources” which allows your device to install apps on Android device that are not available in Google Playstore.
  • After that, you will see “Verify Apps” there. You need to select the Verify Apps option which gives you a warning when it finds any harmful apps you installed on your device. So, you may be safe by using this option.

Steps to download Apk files on Android device:

Before going to the installation process, you must know about which application do you want to install and which source you have selected. Because, apart from Google Playstore lots of apps source are available in the market. But here we go with You can select what you want. 

Let’s see the step by step process below:

  • First, Open the website in your browser
  • In the search bar, type and search the app or apk files which you want to download 
  • The website may list lots of apps related to your search. So, you can select which one you want from that list
  • Basically, apk files have lots of version. In the, you can find the entire version with full details. So, you simply click that to install
  • Now, Click the “Download” option below
  • If there is any risk in downloading the apps, it will warn you about the risks. So, you can decide whether you continue or not
  • After the download process, the download apk file is appeared it main page. 
  • Now, you can click the apk file to install. It may takes around 5 minutes to complete
  • Finally, enjoy your APK files in your android device.

How to Download APK files using Computer and transfer it to Android Device:

If you don’t have internet access on your android device, then you can’t download any apk files, Right? On that time, you can download apk files on your computer and transfer it to your android device through USB cable. Let’s see the installation procedure below
  • Open the website in your browser
  • In the search bar, type and search the app or apk files which you want to download 
  • Now, Click the download button in that website
  • Now, connect your phone to the computer through USB cable
  • After downloading the apk file, find the download file on your computer
  • After finding, right click the file and copy the file
  • Then find your android phone drive in the File explorer
  • Now, find the download folder on your phone and paste that download APK files into any folder
  • After file transfer, find the apk file on your device and click to install it on your device.


Finally, you get the clear idea about how to download and install APK files on Android device successfully with different methods. You can go with any of the methods which suit you. Using this method, you can install any kind of APK files on any device from outside Playstore. I hope the above post give you the useful information about APK files. Try it and share your feedback about the post and stay connected. Thank you!

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